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राष्ट्रीय सेवा योजना
National Service Scheme
राज्य रा से यो सेल, हरियाणा
State NSS Cell, Haryana
उच्चतर शिक्षा निदेशालय, हरियाणा सरकार
Directorate of Higher Eduaction, Government of Haryana

Functionality of State NSS Cell

  • To ensure, that budgetary provisions are made for NSS programme in the State budget.
  • Timely allocation of NSS strength to respective Universities in the State.
  • Timely release of grants to Universities and colleges/+2 councils.
  • Submission of accounts, statements and programme reports to Government of India.
  • Convening of meetings of State NSS Advisory Committee from time to time.
  • Monitoring of the programme through Universities/+2 councils and in consultation with NSS Regional Centre.
  • Coordinating with development agencies and departments for NSS programme development in the state.